Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'An extended error has occured' Mapping A Network Drive

When mapping a network drive across different domains
"An extended error has occurred"  error message.
See illustration below:

This is due to diffent login credentials when accessing a mapped
drive via VPN to another domain.

This resolution assumes that the login credentials are correct.
By using 'Net Use' command from a command line utility interface.

When you use the NET USE command to connect to a
share on a server in a domain, the following authentication
process verifications take place:
=> If the client's user name is in the domain's UAS account
database, the passwords are compared. If the passwords match,
access is allowed to the share.

To connect the user name 'Sam' and giving the mapped
drive identifier as 'z', do this:

net use z:\\server\share /USER:Accounts\Sam

Enter the password for 'Account\Sam' to connect to 'server':password
The command completed successfully.

net use /PERSISTENT:yes
The command completed successfully.

To delete the mapped identifier 'x', do this:

net use x /delete
X: was deleted successfully.

More on 'Net Use' command go to this URL: